Companion Materials


We also offer Companion Materials that help schools magnify the impact of Wise Skills for their students.  The Administrator’s Handbook guides school administrators in supporting school-wide implementation of Wise Skills.  The Conflict Resolution & Peer Mediation Manual helps individual educators or whole schools take the violence prevention, anti-bullying, and pro-social aspects of Wise Skills to the next level by implementing practices and procedures that teach and reinforce good decision making.  Family Wisdom provides elementary and middle school educators with newsletters, activities, and projects that focus on family engagement.  The Community Connections Kit provides concrete suggestions and activities for involving the wider community to support children and youth.  The Character Chronicles DVD Series compliments the Wise Lives middle school edition and the In Search of Character DVD Series compliments the Wisdom for Life high school edition through poignancy, inspiration, and humor as teens describe their experiences and discuss their choices.  Finally, many spirit Items are available to use for energizing, encouraging, and rewarding your students as they work toward making wise choices.