About Us

The Wise Skills program is published by Twenty First Century Minds LLC, a company owned and operated by life-long educators, Catherine and Bob Cunningham.  Bob acquired Wise Skills from the original author when he was the Headmaster of The Gateway School in New York City.  In appreciation for Bob’s service to the school, Gateway turned ownership of the program over to Twenty First Century Minds when he left, and a portion of all proceeds from the sales of Wise Skills products still benefits The Gateway Schools, which do a remarkable job of educating students with learning differences.

We (Catherine and Bob) have devoted our professional lives to education.  Together, over the past twenty years, we have taught in elementary, middle, and high schools.  We have been administrators.  We have served as advisors and tutors.  We have worked in and run after school and summer programs.  We have taught in special education and mainstream settings. Along the way, we met each other in graduate school at Teachers College, Columbia University, we got married, and we have two awesome daughters. 

Now, we run a business together and are enjoying the process of publishing and improving Wise Skills.  We hope that you get as much joy out of your children and students as we have gotten from ours over the years, and we are thrilled to bring you Wise Skills to help you to teach them about what really matters in ways that we know really work.