Wisdom for Life Site License (for up to 50 Users) for Grades 9 - 12


Site License (including PDF Files)

The Site License provides permanent duplication rights for all of the materials in the Wisdom for Life Curriculum for up to 50 users. With a Site License, schools simply purchase one Wisdom for Life Curriculum, and then duplicate the materials for up to 50 staff members. Because additional staff may become involved in the character education program, the Site License is priced according to the total number of staff in a school or youth program. (Multiple-Site Licenses are available.) The Site License includes:

 • Permanent Duplication Rights 
Provides permanent duplication rights for all the resources in the 
Wisdom for Life Curriculum.  
 • Electronic PDF Files
All of the materials in the 
Wisdom for Life Curriculum are provided on a CD in PDF format. 
Please call for pricing on Multiple-Site Licenses and for Site Licenses for over 50 users. 888-860-0367