Wise Lives for Grades 6 - 8 Character Counts! Version


Focus on the words and life stories of great positive role models to teach middle school students valuable life lessons. Wise Lives explores the choices great people in history made and applies those lessons to the lives of young people today. Role-plays, grouping strategies, media awareness activities, and service learning experiences ensure that students remain engaged.  Activities take only 10-15 minutes of classroom time, so Wise Lives is perfect for advisory or homeroom periods. Because the curriculum highlights real people in history, including prominent leaders, writers and professionals from many fields, eras, and places, Wise Lives can easily be integrated into the curricula of any content area class. 

The Character Counts! version of Wise Lives has been specifically designed for use with the Six Pillars of Character.  Schools using Character Counts! will find this version to be highly effective for instructing students about the Six Pillars and for reinforcing the concepts emphasized in your school’s activities that are part of your Character Counts! initiative.