Welcome to Wise Skills.

 The Character Education and Social Emotional Learning Program you've been hearing about!  

The Wise Skills program, founded in 1994, is an interdisciplinary, teacher-friendly approach to character education and social emotional learning.  Wise Skills emphasizes the critical traits and principles summarized in the concept of wisdom, which can be thought of as, "Making good choices for myself and others."    

Through its emphasis on making good choices, Wise Skills promotes the development of grit and resilience in young people.  The program actively involves all three of the primary influences in young people's lives: School, Family, and Community, and each edition of Wise Skills includes activities designed to:

  • Teach and reinforce themes of good character
  • Introduce positive role models
  • Integrate concepts into subject area instruction
  • Encourage service to others
  • Proactively address issues such as violence, bullying, peer pressure, and drugs and alcohol
  • Develop media literacy
  • Teach the Six Pillars of Character in Character Counts! schools

We know that all parents, educators, and other adults who care for children and youth want nothing more than to see them grow into happy and successful adults who make good choices for themselves and for others.  We are honored that you are considering using Wise Skills to help you teach the children and youth in your care about the things that matter most in life.